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DBT Course in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Puneeth
Trainer Experience5+ Years
Next Batch Date25th JAN 2024 (3:00 PM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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DBT Course in Hyderabad

Course Topics

The following are the core objectives of this DBT certification training course:

  •  Fundamentals of Data Built Tool
  •   Why do we use DBT?
  •   Configuring DBT locally and in the cloud
  •   Connect DBT to a Database
  •   Creation of SQL transformations
  •   Testing underlying data and SQL transformation
  •   Scheduling transformations
  •   Testing code in a dev environment
  •   Data built tool best practices
  • The participant should have a basic knowledge of the below areas in order to learn DBT:

    •  GitHub
    •   SQL
    •  Possess knowledge to work in the command line

Following are the professionals who can join this course to advance their skill set:

  •  Data Analysts
  •   Data Scientists
  •   Data Engineering aspirants
  •   Data Analytics Managers
  •   Snowflake Developers
  •   Redshift Developers
  •   ETL developers
  •   Candidates who work with data transformation operations.
    • What is DBT
    • Typical data transformation challenges
    • How does DBT eliminate traditional Data challenges?
  •  Data Built Tool and databases
  •   Version Control
  •   Data loading into the data warehouse
  •   Data repository set up & connect to DBT cloud
  •   Fundamentals of DBT cloud IDE
  •   The process to connect to Repository
  •   The process to connect to your warehouse
  • Overview of Models and types
  •   The process to build a model
  •   Basics of modularity
  • Ref functions
  •   Data modeling fundamentals
  • Naming conventions
  •   Project reorganization
    •  What is testing?
    •   Need of Testing
    •   Data tests
    •   Schema tests
    • Live test scenarios
    •  Fundamentals of Documentation
    •   Importance of documentation
    •   The process to write doc blocks
    •   Documentation writing
    •   Documentation generation and view
    •   Working with real-time documentation & gaining hands-on experience.
  • Introduction to Sources
  •   Source Configuration
  •   Selecting from sources
  •   Testing Sources
  •   Documenting Sources
  •   Source Freshness
  •   Working with real-time source scenarios
    •   What is Deployment
    • The process to schedule a job in the DBT cloud
    •   Reviewing scheduled jobs.

Data Build Tool ( DBT)Training in Hyderabad

Key Points

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Mule Masters Institute offers a Data Build Tool DBT course in Hyderabad with a comprehensive curriculum that covers fundamental and advanced concepts of DBT.

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Hands-On Learning

The training emphasizes practical, hands-on experience, allowing participants to work on real-world DBT projects. This approach ensures a deep understanding of the tool through practical application.

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Expert Instructors

The institute is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are experts in DBT. They provide valuable insights

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Customizsed Learning Path

The training program caters to participants with varying levels of expertise in DBT. It offers customized learning paths to meet the needs of beginners as well as those with prior experience in data build tools.

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Project-Based Assessments

The training includes project-based assessments to evaluate participants’ skills and understanding of DBT. This approach ensures that participants can apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

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Regular Progress Tracking

 Participants receive regular feedback on their progress, enabling them to identify areas for improvement. This feedback loop ensures that individuals can track their development throughout the DBT training program.

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Certification Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the DBT training, participants will receive the certifications which is recognized in the industry.

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Resource Materials

 Participants receive access to a comprehensive set of learning materials, including documentation, case studies, and code repositories. These resources serve as valuable references both during the training and in participants’ future work with DBT.

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Career Guidance

 Mule Masters Institute provides career guidance and counseling to help participants navigate their career paths in the data engineering domain. This may include resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance.

What is DBT ?

Objectives Of Course

The DBT training in Hyderabad aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of Data Build Tool, fostering proficiency in its application for transforming raw data into structured and insightful information. Participants will learn to navigate the intricacies of DBT, focusing on hands-on, practical experience to create and manage data models efficiently. The training emphasizes real-world scenarios, enabling learners to tackle challenges commonly encountered in data engineering projects. By the end of the program, participants will have the skills to design, implement, and optimize data transformations using DBT, empowering them to contribute effectively to data analytics and engineering teams in diverse industry settings.

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DBT Course in Hyderabad

Pre- Requisites DBT Course

  • Basic understanding of SQL to navigate and work with relational databases.
  • Familiarity with data warehousing concepts and the overall data ecosystem.
  • Prior experience in using a version control system, such as Git, for collaborative project management.

Who should learn DBT ?

DBT Course in Hyderabad

DBT Course in Hyderabad

Course Outline


The course begins with an introduction to the basics of Data Build Tool (DBT), providing a foundation for understanding its role in data transformation.


Participants will progress to hands-on sessions, learning how to create and manage data models using DBT, with a focus on practical applications.


The curriculum covers advanced topics, including testing methodologies to ensure data accuracy and consistency throughout the transformation process.


Emphasis is placed on real-world use cases, allowing participants to apply their knowledge to scenarios commonly encountered in data engineering projects.


The training delves into the modularization and version control features of DBT, promoting collaborative work environments and enhancing the scalability of data transformations.


Participants will explore optimization techniques to streamline and enhance the performance of data pipelines built using DBT.

Course Overview

The DBT course offered by Mulemasters Institute in Hyderabad provides a comprehensive overview of the Data Build Tool, emphasizing a hands-on learning approach. Starting with the fundamentals, participants gain a solid understanding of DBT’s role in transforming raw data into actionable insights. The course progresses to cover advanced topics, including testing methodologies, modularization, and version control, ensuring participants are well-versed in creating scalable and collaborative data transformation processes. By the end of the course, individuals are prepared to apply DBT effectively in industry scenarios, contributing to the success of data analytics and engineering teams.

This DBT training at Mulemasters Institute is designed to cater to various skill levels, offering a customized learning path for beginners and those with prior experience in data build tools. The curriculum is regularly updated to align with industry trends, and participants benefit from the expertise of experienced instructors. The institute’s commitment to practical, project-based learning, coupled with flexible learning formats, ensures that participants acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills required to succeed in the dynamic field of data engineering.


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DBT Training in Hyderabad

Modes of Training

Online Training

Video Course

Corporate Training

Placement opportunities

Mule Masters Institute in Hyderabad provides a comprehensive placement program for participants completing the DBT training. The institute goes beyond equipping individuals with technical skills, offering dedicated assistance in career development. Through resume building, interview preparation, and job placement support, participants are prepared to enter the workforce confidently. The institute collaborates with industry partners to connect trained professionals with relevant job opportunities, facilitating a seamless transition from the training program to meaningful employment in the field of data engineering.

DBT Course in Hyderabad

Career Opportunities


Data Engineer

 DBT-trained professionals often take on the role of data engineers, responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining scalable data pipelines using the Data Build Tool.


Database Analyst

DBT skills are valuable for individuals working as database analysts, as they leverage the tool to transform and structure raw data stored in databases, enabling efficient querying and analysis.


ETL Developer

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) developers use DBT to streamline the transformation phase, ensuring data is cleansed and prepared for analysis or storage in data warehouses.


Business Intelligence Analyst

Professionals in this role leverage DBT to build and optimize data models, providing crucial insights for informed decision-making within an organization.


Data Analyst

DBT skills are essential for data analysts who focus on interpreting and analyzing data trends, utilizing the tool to enhance the quality and reliability of the data they work with.


Analytics Consultant

As analytics consultants, individuals with DBT expertise offer their insights and guidance to organizations looking to optimize their data transformation processes and enhance analytical capabilities.


Data Operations Specialist

DBT-trained professionals may specialize in data operations, ensuring the smooth functioning and efficiency of data pipelines within an organization.


SQL Developer

Given DBT’s foundation in SQL, professionals often take on roles as SQL developers, creating and optimizing queries to extract meaningful information from databases.


Data Scientist

In the realm of data science, DBT skills can be applied to streamline the data preparation phase, allowing data scientists to focus on advanced analytics and machine learning.


Data Architect

DBT-trained individuals may work as data architects, contributing to the design and implementation of data architecture within an organization, with a focus on efficient and scalable data transformations.

Data Build Tool Training in Hyderabad



Proficiency in using DBT to transform raw data into structured formats, enhancing the ability to derive meaningful insights.


Ability to create and manage data models, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the data transformation process.


Understanding of advanced testing methodologies, ensuring data accuracy and consistency throughout the transformation phase.


Knowledge of modularization and version control features in DBT, fostering collaborative work environments and scalable data transformations.


Experience in applying DBT to real-world use cases, enabling effective problem-solving in data engineering projects.


Proficiency in optimization techniques, streamlining and enhancing the performance of data pipelines built with DBT.


Ability to apply industry best practices, aligning DBT usage with current trends and standards in data engineering.


Practical experience gained through workshops and case studies, reinforcing the skills needed to leverage DBT effectively in data analytics and engineering tasks.

Certifications – Data Build Tool Training

DBT Course in Hyderabad

DBT certification holds significant importance in the field of data engineering as it validates an individual's proficiency and expertise in using the Data Build Tool. Certification serves as a recognized credential that attests to one's ability to navigate and apply DBT effectively in transforming raw data into actionable insights. Employers often seek certified professionals as they bring a proven skill set, and certification can open doors to various job prospects. Additionally, it demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and staying ahead of industry best practices, making it a valuable asset for career advancement in the dynamic and evolving landscape of data analytics.


Enhanced Data Transformation Skills

DBT training equips individuals with the skills to efficiently transform raw data into structured formats, enhancing their data manipulation capabilities.

Improved Analytics Proficiency

Participants gain a deeper understanding of data analytics, allowing them to leverage DBT for more effective and insightful analysis of business data.

Efficient Project Management

Learning to create and manage DBT projects, including version control, enhances collaboration and project management, leading to more streamlined and organized workflows.

Optimized SQL Query Writing

Participants develop proficiency in writing and optimizing SQL queries within the DBT framework, leading to improved query performance and data transformation efficiency.

Adherence to Best Practices

Understanding best practices in organizing and documenting DBT models ensures maintainability, scalability, and the creation of robust data pipelines.

Career Advancement

DBT training enhances participants’ marketability, opening up opportunities in roles such as Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, and other data-related positions.

Market Trend in Data Build Tool Training


DBT is witnessing increasing adoption in the market as organizations seek efficient and scalable solutions for data transformation.


The demand for professionals with DBT skills is rising, reflecting the tool’s importance in modern data analytics.


Companies are leveraging DBT to streamline data workflows, leading to a growing trend of incorporating it into their data infrastructure.


DBT’s open-source nature contributes to its popularity, fostering a collaborative community and continuous improvement.


The tool’s compatibility with various data warehouses positions it as a versatile choice for businesses working with diverse data sources.


The market trend indicates a shift towards integrated data solutions, with DBT playing a pivotal role in achieving seamless data transformations.

Why Choose Us?

Tosca Training In Hyderabad
Expert Instructors

Mulemasters Institute boasts experienced and knowledgeable instructors in the field of DBT, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.

AWS DevOps Training in Hyderabad
Practical Learning Emphasis

The institute focuses on practical applications, providing hands-on projects that allow participants to apply DBT concepts in real-world scenarios.

Tosca Training In Hyderabad
Comprehensive Course Structure

Mulemasters Institute offers a well-structured DBT training program covering fundamentals, advanced techniques, and best practices, providing a holistic learning experience.

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Industry-Relevant Curriculum

The institute’s curriculum is designed to align with industry trends and demands, ensuring that participants acquire skills relevant to the current job market.

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Project Work and Case Studies

Enabling participants to engage in project work and case studies enhances their ability to tackle real-world challenges using DBT.

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Career Support

Mulemasters Institute goes beyond training by offering career support services, helping participants translate their DBT skills into meaningful career opportunities.

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  • DBT training at Mulemasters is beginner-friendly. No need for extensive experience, just a basic understanding of data.

  • You can choose! Mulemasters offers both online classes as well as Video courses for your convenience.

  • DBT skills are in demand. With Mulemasters certification, you’ll be ready for roles like Data Analyst or Business Intelligence Analyst.

  • DBT skills are in demand. With Mulemasters certification, you’ll be ready for roles like Data Analyst or Business Intelligence Analyst.

  •  Yes! Mulemasters supports your career journey with job placement assistance and ongoing guidance.

  •  It’s flexible! Spend a few hours each week. Mulemasters understands your schedule and provides a comfortable learning pace.

  • Just basics! Knowing a bit about SQL and data concepts is helpful, but Mulemasters welcomes learners with various backgrounds.

  • Absolutely! Mulemasters encourages interaction. Join discussions, ask questions, and learn together with your fellow students.

  • Your certification is forever! Mulemasters keeps the course updated, ensuring you learn the latest in DBT for a long-lasting skill set.

  • Mulemasters offers a practical and interactive learning experience, industry-relevant curriculum, and continuous updates to keep you at the forefront of DBT skills.

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