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Mr. Aravind Ravi

7+ Years of experience

45 Days (Monday to Friday)

Daily 1hr – 7PM – 8PM IST

Next batch Date & Time

16-February 2023

Training Modes

Online Only (due to covid19)

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Dell Boomi Course Curriculum

Module 1: Dell Boomi Introduction
  • Need for Cloud Integration
  • What is iPass?
  • Cloud Integration Concerns
  • Dell Boomi Account Set up
  • Exploring Dell Boomi and Life Cycle
  • Environments and Atoms
  • Atoms properties
Module 2: Download, installing and configuring atom & Molecule
  • How to Download, installing
Module 3: Core of Dell Boomi
  • What is the AtomSphere Process? 
  • AtomSphere Shapes: Execute, Logic and Connect
  • What is a component?
  • What is document Tracking?
Module 4: Getting started with Dell Boomi
  • Activities
  • Transitions
  • Working with Variables(DP,DDP,PP,DPP)
  • Creating profile(Flat File, Xml, Data Base, JSON)
  • Creating process
Module 5: Working with different connectors
  • Disk connector
  • FTP connector
  • SFTP connector
  • Database connector
  • HTTP connector
  • Web Service SOAP client connector
  • Web Service Server Connector
Module 6: Standard and custom function
  • Cross Reference 
  • User defined function
  • Lookup
  • Standard functions
Module 7: Process design(Logic and Execution pallet reference)
  • Execution palette

Set properties




Process Call

Data Process

Add to Cache/load from Cache]

Process Route

  • Logic palette






Return Documents

Business Rules

Module 8: Process Caching
  • Add to Cache
  • Load from Cache
Module 9: Exception Handling
  • Try/Catch
  • Exception 
Module 10: Processing of Document split/ combine
  • Batch documents
  • Flow control
  • Flow control with set properties mechanism
  • Try/catch
  • Custom alerts
  • Read data at each shape in Test mode
  • Exception shape: terminate the data flow and
  • Define custom error messages
Module 11: Web services
  • End to End Design of Interface
  • Testing of the Interface
  • Deployment of the Interface
  • Execution of the Interface 
  • Analysis of Process Reporting, logs etc.
Module 12: Manage Process Extension (Creating, deleting and changing values at run time)
  •  Cross reference Table, Simple Lookup
  •  Deploy and un deploy applications
Module 13: Test the application
  • End to End Design of Interface
  • Testing of the Interface
  • Deployment of the Interface
  • Execution of the Interface 
  • Analysis of Process Reporting, logs etc.
Module 14: Administration
  • Execute process (Different ways of Executing a process).
  • Rerunning the documents in Process reporting.
  • Viewing process execution documents.
  • Viewing process and document logs.
  • Setting predefined tracking fields.
  • Creating custom/use defined tracing fields.
Module 15: Real-time examples for every scenarios.
  • Assignments will be given to individuals after each session. 
  • Dell Boomi setup & license should bear by the participants.
  • Trainer will help the participants with technical queries to complete the assignments.

Key Features Of Dell Boomi Training 

Learn from the trainers who have more than 7 years of experience in the industry and gain Dell Boomi knowledge from Beginner to Advanced level.

In the past 4.5 months, more than 200 students and corporate trainees have been placed as developers, architects, consultants, etc.

Learn about the Boomi Document flow and attributes and its component parts.

Create straightforward integration processes to implement logic, process data, and understand the administration tools for reporting and logging.

Create, implement, and control integration workflows including configuring AtomSphere connectors.

You can master all the concepts from the fundamental to the advanced levels with the help of our Dell Boomi certified trainer, who will also train you to design integrations professionally.

You will gain practical knowledge of atmosphere forms, components, cross reference, standard functions, profile combination, assessing process reports, installing interface,  and interface execution.

Cost-effective Dell Boomi training with experienced career guidance with an industry-standard curriculum.

As part of our training program, take advantage of complete placement assistance from our team.

Enjoy our free 3-day demo classes before joining the Dell Boomi course.

About Dell Boomi Training in Hyderabad

Dell Boomi is a complete integration solution that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation by connecting cloud-based applications, data and processes to each other. It enables the connection of any combination of on-premise, software-as-a-service, and cloud applications without the need for hardware, software or coding.

The solution is available as a stand-alone option or as part of an integrated suite that includes Dell Boomi Connector for Salesforce, Dell Boomi Data Services and other integration solutions.

This integration solution supports a wide range of applications and processes, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Office 365. It also provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface so users can create connections quickly without having to write any code. The solution addresses multiple business challenges such as improving customer experience, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

With Dell Boomi, businesses can easily connect their on-premise and cloud applications to each other. The solution also helps companies build a complete view of their data across multiple data sources, including relational databases, file systems and object stores. It offers real-time visibility into application performance and interactivity between the various parts of an enterprise IT architecture.

Objectives Of Boomi Course Training in Hyderabad

The goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the Dell Boomi integration platform. Students will learn how to build and deploy real-world solutions using Dell Boomi’s graphical user interface, as well as its powerful REST API.

The course will also cover some advanced topics like customization, security, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Learn the basics of Boomi integration platform and its key features including data mapping, event-driven architecture (EDA), real-time messaging, API management, mobile applications integration.

Understand how to use Boomi for application integration with different cloud-based applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Google Apps and many more.

Identify benefits of using Boomi as a solution for enterprise application integration

Learn to use Boomi as an application integration tool for real-time data synchronization, event processing and message routing between applications.

Identify the benefits of using Boomi as a solution for enterprise application integration



*By filling the form you are giving us the consent to receive emails from us regarding all the updates.

Pre-Requisites of the Course

This course is intended for software developers who are new to Boomi and want to learn how to use it for application integration.

Basic knowledge of application integration, data integration and message routing.

Understanding of different types of application integration, such as Data Synchronization, Event Processing and Message Routing.

Basic knowledge of Java, .NET or PHP programming languages is required.

Basic knowledge of cloud computing and business intelligence.

Basic knowledge of databases like SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL is essential.

dell boomi training in hyderabad

Course Outline

Introduction to Boomi and its Architecture

Understanding the Benefits of Using Boomi for Application Integration

Boomi Use Cases in Retail and Banking

Installing Boomi on the new server

Creating a connection to the BOOMI Server

Defining business process through a data flow diagram

Creating a data flow diagram in Boomi Studio

Building the Event Server using Boomi

Creating and deploying a standalone SOA application

What is Dell Boomi?

A cloud-based integration platform called Dell Boomi is also referred to as IPaaS. (Integration platform as a service)

Businesses may easily partner, and integrate applications, and clients through the web by utilizing a visual designer and a number of pre-configured components.

The platform enables customers to create cloud-based integration processes known as Atoms and transport data across programs that are on-premises and in the cloud.

With Dell Boomi, connecting to and integrating with business processes is made simpler.

Boomi offers end-to-end functionalities in addition to data quality control,  API management, management of B2B/EDI networks, application connectivity, and process automation.

What is Dell Boomi used for?

Users can easily create integrations using the Dell Boomi platform’s drag-and-drop and point-and-click functionalities.

For cloud systems like Zuora, Salesforce, Netsuite, etc., there are many built-in interfaces available.

The source and destination systems are connected using connectors.

quick and easy integration

Centralized data quality

Simpler Error Correction

Enhancing Data Management

Solutions for Full Stack Security

Data Mapping Automatically

Personalized API Strategy

Connector Configuration Using Automation

Why Choose A Career in Dell Boomi ?

Boomi is a new and emerging technology that is pertinent to the future of application integration. It can help you to become an integral part of your organization’s IT strategy.

As a Dell Boomi Developer, you will be part of a team that is responsible for designing, developing and maintaining data integration solutions. The role involves creating and maintaining high quality code using best practices to meet customer requirements. You will work closely with other teams such as business analysts, project managers, technical architects etc.

A career in Dell Boomi provides you with the opportunity to build a bright future for yourself and for others, where the sky’s the limit. Nothing is more important to Dell Boomi than our people and we are passionate about finding ways to help you succeed in your life and grow within the company.

Whether you choose to apprentice or are looking for a new challenge in one of our exciting roles, we have a place for you at Dell Boomi!

Career Opportunities in Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi is an equal opportunity employer, committed to providing employment opportunities for all individuals.

Dell Boomi Developer

The Dell Boomi Developer is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the software products that power our customers’ business. The position requires a combination of technical expertise in Java, Spring Boot, Maven, Jenkins and continuous integration.

Dell Boomi Technical Support Engineer

The Dell Boomi Technical Support Engineer is responsible for supporting customer implementations across multiple industries using the Dell Boomi integration platform.

Dell Boomi Consultant

The Dell Boomi Consultant is responsible for consulting with our customers to help them select and implement the right solution. The position requires technical expertise in a variety of areas, including Java, Spring Boot, Maven and Jenkins.

Dell Boomi Integration Engineer

The Dell Boomi Integration Engineer is responsible for supporting customer implementations across multiple industries using the Dell Boomi integration platform.

Process Designer

The Dell Boomi Process Designer is responsible for designing and developing custom processes that are used by our customers.

Modes of Training For Dell Boomi Training in Hyderabad

In Class Training

Dell Boomi training provides you a quality classroom training facilities in Hyderabad where you can attend our classroom training for a live interactive experience.

Live Instructor led online Sessions

Our online sessions are very interactive, with practical explanations and group decisions. You can join our Dell Boomi online training sessions from anywhere in the world at your own convenience.

Dell Boomi Personalized Video course

Our Dell Boomi video course is highly convenient and interesting which will make your self-learning process much easier. A complete set of the classroom recordings will be available in the video course. You can revise and learn the course at your own pace and time

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Why choose our Dell Boomi Institute?

Our courses are taught by industry experts, who have years of experience in the field. We make sure that our students are well prepared for the real world. You will learn how to use advanced technologies such as Salesforce and Dell Boomi in a real-world environment. We also offer internship placements and help you build your resume so that you can land your dream job after graduation!


Expert Trainiers

Our trainers are industry experts who have years of experience in the field. They will make sure that you get a well-rounded understanding of Dell Boomi.


Industry-Specific Training

Our training is industry-specific and we help you learn about the latest technologies that are used in the field. We offer hands-on experience with cutting-edge software such as Salesforce and Dell Boomi, so that you can make an impact on the world.



Our program offers certifications in Salesforce and Dell Boomi, which are some of the most sought-after certifications in the industry. These certifications will help you get a job quickly after graduation and prove your knowledge to potential employers.


 We offer placement assistance to our students. We have a strong network of companies that we work with and will help you find the right job for your skillset.

Testimonials of Dell Boomi Training in Hyderabad

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


I have opted to do online training on Dell Boomi and found that it has one of the best course content and the modules covered. With the help of practical projects, I am able to do all the tasks easily. I would like to thank the platform for providing me with the best career in Dell Boomi.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


The sessions were well planned and focused on the objectives. The tutor has set relevant examples with real-time examples to clear all our doubts. The course coverage was really good. Excellent interaction with students.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


The training structure was really well, which explains all concepts very comprehensively followed by the QandA sessions, which helped me to understand the concepts of the Dell Boomi course. Thank you Dell Boomi training institute for the excellent training program.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


Overall the training was good. All of the current demands and needs of the industry are covered in the curriculum making it the best institute for Dell Boomi training in Hyderabad in my point of view.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


The training was good and covered all aspects in depth. This institute is the best place to learn about Dell Boomi Technology. They provide high-quality training to the students and provide placement assistance as well. The trainers were very knowledgeable and very patient, which made it easy to interact with them.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


Really liked the interactive training given by the trainer, It helped me to understand the concept and it was easy to remember. I would like to thank Dell Boomi training Institute for clearing all my doubts. The trainers were well versed with the Dell Boomi technology.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


Training content was very subjective and easy to understand. The tutor delivered every point of the course. The curriculum is well organized and management is also cooperative with the students to help in arranging classes for topics that are missed.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad

Sasi Rekha

I highly recommend this institute for Dell Boomi training. I have mastered the basics of Dell Boomi and its concept. They have provided all the course essentials and the complete knowledge which is required to work with Dell Boomi.



*By filling the form you are giving us the consent to receive emails from us regarding all the updates.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


 The course is very affordable. I don’t think any other institute can provide such a service at this cost. Choosing Dell Boomi training has provided me with proficient skills which are essential to working with Dell Boomi. Through training exercises, Dell Boomi mentors have given full assistance in developing the skills to learn, understand, and implement the work practically.

Mule Masters is a leading provider of training and certification for the Boomi platform. We offer instructor-led training, as well as online self-paced courses that can help you get certified in a variety of areas.

Dell Boomi Consultant Certification

Dell Boomi Integration Engineer Certification

Boomi Certified Integration Developer

Boomi Certified Integration Architect

Dell Boomi Administrator Certification

 Boomi Certified Integration Specialist

Boomi Certified Developer

We provide developer and architect level certifications. 

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