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ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad Course Schedule

Trainer Name:

Mrs. Sravya K (5 years Experience)

Next batch Date & Time:

21th Sep 2023 at 8:00 AM IST

Training Modes:

Online Only

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Course Duration:

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30 Days (Monday to Friday).

Daily 60 Mins

ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad (Course Schedule)

Basic Configurations in Instance – (UI 15, UI 16)

How to get Info of Version in Current Instance and Its Latest Information

Notes on the latest release.

Creation of User, Assign to a Group and Adding Roles.

Custom Table Creations and Its Importance.

Creation of Form & Designing the Form

Field and List – OverView and Importance

Working on Filters with Multiple Examples

Creation of Fields & Sections.(Related-Sections)

  • What is use of Visual Task Boards
  • DashBoards and Homepages , Plugins Importance.
  • DotWalking and Using of Dot Walk in Different Scenarios
  • Impersonating the User and Delegation of User Importance.
  • List view Concepts and Dependent Choice Building.
  • Assignment Rules and Assignment LookUp Rules
  • Type of Import Set and its Importance
  • Data Lookup Rules and Creation of it.
  • Data Source – Import Data Methods
  • Transform Map – Import Data into Instance.
  • Import and Export of Files
  • SLA-(All the Three Types).
  • Service Level Agreements and Its Importance.
  • Two Types of SLA (Response , Resolution)
  • Notes on SLA , OLA & Up with Practical Example
  • UpdateSets Creation and Movements.
  • Backout Update and Remote Update set Creation.
  • Remote Instance Creation for UpdateSet
  • UpdateSet Error and their Best Practices
  • Shortcuts in ServiceNow are Explained
  • UI-Actions and Process FlowMatters.
  • WorkFlow Creations and Its Importance.
  • Survey Creation.
  • Events Creation and Its Importance.
  • Notification Creations.
  • InBound Notification
  • OutBound Notifications.
  • Reports Creations.
  • Scheduling the Reports
  • Catalog Item – Introduction
  • Catalog Item – Creation(Variables)
  • Variable Set Creation & Importance.
  • Record Producer.
  • Order Guides.
  • Importance of Dictionary and Reference Qualifier.
  • Notification Buildings (Inbound & OutBound) Information
  • Knowledge Base and Knowledge Articles Importance &
  • Creation. ACL (Access Control List).
  • Implementation of ACL
  • // ** Scripting **//
  • Difference Between Server-Side Scripting and Client Side
  • Scripting. UI-Policies and UI actions , Data Policies.
  • Client Scripts(All 4 types).
  • Catalog Client Scripts and Catalog UI-Policies.
  • Business Rules(ALL) are their Importance.
  • Script Includes and How to Implement
  • g_scaratchPad and Its Importance.
  • Glide Ajax, Glide Record and Glide User
  • Gsft Methods and Get Reference importance
  • Implementation of WorkFlow and Activities
  • Schedule Jobs & Schedule Reports.
  • Importance of ALL JavaScript – API in ServiceNow Instance
  • OverView of Service Portal & Importance of All API’s.
  • Configure Label and Choices 
  • Introduction to Table 
  • Out of the Box Tables 
  • Types of Tables in Servicenow 
  • Extended Table and Referenced Tables
  • Major Table in Servicenow 
  • Schema Map
  • Creating Custom Table 
  • Deleting Custom Tables 
  • Defaults Fields in Custom Table
  • Describe u_ 
  • Dictionary Entries 
  • Configure Styles 
  • Working with Choice List 
  • Rollback and Delete Recovery 
  • Importance of Delete Record Module
  • Data Dictionary Tables
  • Default Fields created in Custom Fields 
  • Use of Task Table 
  • Dictionary Override 
  • Decision Tables 
  • Remote Tables 
  • Override Mandatory 
  • Override Default Value
  • Override Display Value
  • Override Calculated Value 
  • Override Dependent Value 
  • Override ReadOnly
  • Override Reference Qualifier
  • Override Attributes
  • What is Form & Records?
  • Form Header and Fields
  • Configuring & Personalizing Forms
  • Form Design and Form Layout
  • Work with Form Sections 
  • Field Properties
  • Working with Annotation 
  • Creating Custom Fields from Design and Form Layout 
  • Configure Dot Walking 
  • Form Customization and Personalization
  • What is Introduction Formatter? 
  • Types of formatters are available in base system 
  • Working with all Formatters 
  • Create process flow formatter for Incident Table
  • Filters and Search Conditions in Lists
  • Types of Record Searches 
  • Condition Builder 
  • Breadcrumbs and Usage
  • Context Menus 
  • Personalizing and Customizing Lists 
  • Filters Add to Favorite 
  • Configure List Layout 
  • List Controls 
  • List Calculations 
  • Purpose of Wild Card Entries 
  • Filters & Searches
  • Update Multiple Records
  • Wild Card Entries 
  • What is Plugin? 
  • Predefined Plugins Installed in servicenow 
  • Activating and Deactivating Plugins 
  • Plugin Upgrading
  • Importance of Dependency Plugin 
  • Importance of Load Demo Data 
  • Who will Request Plugins? 
  • Repair and Upgrade Plugins
  • How to Request a Plugin in Real Time? 
  • HI Service Portal (Now Support) 
  • Introduction to Data Lookup Rules
  • Creating New Data Lookup Rule 
  • Modify Existing Data Lookup Rule
  • Data Lookup Rule Tables of Incident and Problem
  • Working with Data Lookup Definition
  • Work with Record Macher 
  • > Introduction to Assignment Lookup Rule 
  • > Defining Assignment Rules 
  • > Creating New Assignment Rule 
  • > Precedence Between Data Lookup and Assignment and Business Rules
  • Introduction to UI Policy
  • Use of UI Policy
  • Create UI Policies for Incident Table
  • Working with More UI Policies 
  • UI Policy Terminology 
  • Converting an UI Policy to Data Policy
  • Describe Global, On Load, Reverse If false and Inherit for UI Policy 
  • Working with Hide Related Lists 
  • Introduction to Data Policy and Usage
  • Creating Data Policy Rules 
  • Converting Data Policy to Ul policy 
  • Applying Data Policies to Incident Table 
  • Difference between Ul policy and Data Policy 
  • Introduction to Client Scripts 
  • Purpose of Client Scripts and Where These are Run
  • Types of Client Scripts 
  • Elaborate onLoad, onChange, onSubmit and onCellEdit Client scripts 
  • Create New Client Script 
  • Working with More Client Script Examples 
  • Catalog Client Script 
  • Difference Between Client Scripts and Catalog Client Scripts
  • Introduction to Glide Ajax
  • Importance of Glide Ajax 
  • How to Call Script Include with Glide Ajax?
  • Introduction to Script Include
  • Use of Script Include 
  • Types of Script Include 
  • Server Side Script Include
  • Client Side Script Include 
  • Difference Between Global Business Rule and Script Include 
  • Create New Script Include 
  • Calling Script Include into Business Rules
  • Calling Script Include into Client Side 
  • Introduction to UI Actions 
  • Importance of UI Action 
  • Working with Existing UI Actions
  • Create new UI Action 
  • Creating UI Actions into Different places
  • Working with Client Side UI Actions 
  • Importance of gsftsubmit in UI Action 
  • Working with more Examples
  • Introduction to UI Scripts
  • Global UI Scripts 
  • Create New UI Scripts 
  • Run UI Scripts
  • Call UI Scripts in HTML
  • Create a page
  • Call a page from Client Script
  • call a page from Ul action
  • call a page from Module
  • > Create a Macro
  • > Call a Macro in Formatter
  • > Call a macro in dictionary
  • > Call a Catalog Variable
  • Java Script Introduction 
  • Java Script Assignment Operators
  • History of Java Script 
  • Variables in Java Script 
  • Client Side Java Script and Server Side Java Script 
  • Working with Mathematical Operations
  • Java Script Templates 
  • Work with Conditions (if, else if and else)
  • Use of templates. Print 
  • Working with Switch Loop
  • Working with Single Line Comment and Multi line Comments 
  • Working with Functions
  • Types of Variable 
  • Java Script Objects 
  • Working with String and String Concatenation 
  • Working with Random and Math
  • Working with Arrays 
  • Java Script Error Handling
  • Java Script Arithmetic Operators
  • Introduction to Glide API’s
  • Overview of Glide API’s 
  • Client Side Glide API’s and Server Side Glide API’s 
  • Working with Important Glide API’s
  • Glide Record 
  • Working with Glide Record Methods
  • Glide Form 
  • Glide Data and Time 
  • Working with Glide Date and Time Methods
  • Glide List 
  • Working with Glide List Methods
  • Glide Element 
  • Working with Glide Elements Methods 
  • Glide Dialog Window
  • Working with Glide Dialog Window Methods 
  • Glide Aggregation 
  • Working with Glide Aggregation Methods
  • Glide Ajax 
  • Working with Glide Form Methods
  • Glide User
  • Working with Glide User Methods
  • Glide Session
  • Working with Glide Session Methods
  • Glide Date
  • Working with Glide Date Methods
  • Introduction to Fix Script 
  • Create Fix Script
  • Run Fix Script 
  • Testing Fix Scripts 
  • Introduction to Update Sets 
  • Importance of Update Sets
  • Update Sets Tables 
  • What Update Sets Captured and Does Not Captured 
  • Default Update Sets
  • Update Sets Administration 
  • Create New Local Update Sets 
  • Working with Retrieved Update Sets 
  • Update Sets Practical Exercise 
  • Preview and Commit Update Sets 
  • Migrating Update Sets
  • Merge Update Sets 
  • Back oOut Changes from Target Instance 
  • Update Sets Precautions 
  • Update Sets States
  • Introduction to Business Rules 
  • Importance of Business Rules
  • Working with Display and Query Business Rule 
  • Working with Async and Sync business rule 
  • Business Rule Actions
  • Prevent recursive business rules 
  • Working with existing business rules in PDI 
  • Create new business rule 
  • Global variables in Business Rule
  • Working with more example
  • Introduction to Scheduled jobs
  • Schedule jobs States
  • Create new Schedule job
  • Run Schedule jobs
  • View Schedule Items
  • Configure Email Notification
  • Working with Notification Email Scripts
  • Omit Watermarks in Email Notifications 
  • Introduction to System notifications
  • Purpose of Email Notifications
  • Creating New Email Notification 
  • Email Notification Tabs 
  • Preview Notification 
  • Email Templates
  • Notifications on Event is fired
  • Notifications on Triggered 
  • Send Email Notification to CC 
  • Allow Digest
  • Email Subscription 
  • Push Notifications
  • Introduction to Inbound Email Action
  • Overview of Inbound Email Action 
  • Types of Incoming Email
  • Create Inbound Email Action 
  • Importance of New, Reply and Forward
  • Introduction to System Security 
  • Importance of Elevate Roles and Security Admin 
  • Creating New ACL Rule
  • Levels of ACL (Table and Field) 
  • ACL Operations
  • ACL Execution Order 
  • Types of ACL’s 
  • Describing Table and None
  • Describing * and None 
  • Describing * and *
  • Describing Table and Field 
  • Introduction to Service Catalog
  • Configure Service Catalogs
  • Configure Categories
  • Create Catalog Item
  • Adding Service Catalog to Service Portal 
  • Types of Catalog Item
  • Record Producers
  • Types of Variables 
  • Order Guides
  • Working with Rule Base 
  • Working with Cascade Variable 
  • Working with Variable Sets
  • Working with User Criteria 
  • Catalog UI Policy 
  • Catalog Client Scripts
  • Creating Variable Attributes 
  • Working with Reference Qualifier
  • Service Catalog Properties 
  • Fulfillment Groups 
  • Catalog Request Report
  • Variable Default Sizes 
  • Working with Regular Expressions 
  • Activity Definition 
  • Introduction to Workflow
  • Workflow Core Activities 
  • Creating New Workflow 
  • Workflow Editor 
  • Stages Sets 
  • Workflow Versions 
  • Workflow Properties 
  • Validate Workflow 
  • Scheduled Workflow 
  • Add workflow to Catalog Item 
  • Active Contexts 
  • Workflow Administration
  • Create A Record Producer
  • Create A Field Map 
  • Create Multiple Records 
  • Current Object 
  • Producer Object
  • Create a Order Guide 
  • Submit Multiple Catalog Items 
  • Rule Base
  • Cascade Variable 
  • Work with Coalesce 
  • Introduction to Import Sets
  • Data Import Process
  • Preparing Data for Import 
  • Data Loading
  • Creating Transform Map 
  • Fields Mapping 
  • Working with Multiple Coalesce
  • Run Transform Map 
  • Importing Data Sources 
  • Schedule Import Sets 
  • Transform Event Scripts 
  • Transformation Event Script Variable
  • How to create a Flow 
  • How to create a Action 
  • How to create a Subflow 
  • How to call subflow 
  • How to call action 
  • Trigger conditions 
  • data pills
  • Importance of Retroactive Start and Pause 
  • SLA Calculation 
  • Tracking of SLA Definition 
  • Introduction to Service Level Management(SLM) 
  • Describing SLA 
  • Types of SLA’s 
  • Working with SLA, OLA and UC 
  • Understand Existing SLA Definition 
  • Creating New SLA Definition for Incident Table 
  • SLA Targets 
  • Schedule SLA Definitions
  • Introduction to Related Lists 
  • Working with Related Lists 
  • Creating New Related List and Add to Form
  • Introduction to Transform Event Scripts
  • Types of Event Scripts
  • Working with All Types of Event Scripts 
  • Test Coalescing and The Transform Script
  • Introduction to Metrics 
  • What is Metrics and Usage
  • Creating New Metric Definition
  • > Fire a script action from event 
  • > Run the server script asynchronously
  • Load the data from different sources 
  • Load the data from ORACLE
  • Load the data from OIDC
  • > Introduction to Reports 
  • > Types of Reports 
  • >Creating New Report 
  • >Deleting Report
  • > Reports add to DashBoard 
  • > Report Properties 
  • > Reports Statistics 
  • > Working with Gauges 
  • > Introduction to Dashboards
  • > Create New Dashboard 
  • > Responsive Non Responsive Dashboards 
  • > Difference Between Homepage and Dashboard 
  • > Report Sharing 
  • > Scheduling Reports 
  • > Publish and Unpublish the Reports
  • Introduction to MID Server
  • Create MID Server User Record
  • Download MID Server Windows 64 bit 
  • Install MID Server in Servicenow Instance
  • Validating MID Server 
  • MID Server Capabilities
  • MID Server Dashboard
  • > Introduction Cloning 
  • > Use of Cloning
  • > Cloning Instance
  • Send request from servicenow to 3rd party. 
  • Validations. 
  • Authentication. 
  • Understand JSON Body
  • Send a request from serviceNow to a 3rd party.
  • Validations. 
  • Understand XML
  • Create a record in Servicenow. 
  • Validations. 
  • Understand JSON Body 
  • Create a record in Service Now in Import Set table. 
  • Validations. 
  • Understand JSON Body.
  • Create a record in Servicenow using Scripted REST API. 
  • Validations. 
  • Understand JSON Body

Key Points Of ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

servicenow training in ameerpet

Mulemasters has professional trainers with more than 12 years of ServiceNow experience in the industry.

Mulemasters trained more than 520 students in the last 6 months and in that, 450+ students were successfully placed.

Our comprehensive curriculum ensures that students have a well-rounded understanding of the platform.

The training programs at Mulemasters cover the entire spectrum of ServiceNow, from fundamental concepts to advanced topics.

Get a course completion certification, once after successfully completing the course at Mulemasters.

Students get an opportunity to work on real-world projects with practical experience.

We offer flexible training options whether students prefer in-person classroom training or the flexibility of online learning or self-paced video training.

We offer job placement assistance, including resume building, interview preparation, and access to job listings in the ServiceNow field.

We offer our training at an affordable price compared to the competitors in the market without compromising the quality of the training.

Utilize our free 3-day demo sessions of the ServiceNow program before enrolling in the main course.

What is ServiceNow

Objectives of (ServiceNow Course)

This course will help you understand the importance of service management and how it can improve customer experience. You’ll learn about the different types of services that exist in an organization and how they can be effectively managed with ServiceNow.

The course also covers the essential components of a service catalog, which is a list of all the IT services that are available for customers to use.

Pre-Requisites of the Course

This course is intended for IT professionals who want to learn how ServiceNow can help them manage their IT services. You should not take this course if you are a beginner in IT administration or service management. Course Outline

Basic knowledge of IT infrastructure and services

Basic knowledge of ITIL concepts

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (e.g., Word, Excel)

Basic knowledge of IT operations and how they’re managed

A basic understanding of IT service management

Some experience with ServiceNow would be helpful but not required

Course Outline


Introduction to ServiceNow


Overview of the ServiceNow platform and its capabilities


Introduction to ITIL concepts, processes and terminology


The ITIL life cycle and how it is implemented in the ServiceNow platform


An overview of the ITIL framework and its components


How to use ServiceNow to manage your IT service management processes


Managing incidents, change requests, problem management, and other activities

Enroll for a Free Demo

About ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that offers a variety of IT service management (ITSM) and automation of business process solutions. It makes it possible for businesses to streamline and automate their customer service, HR, and other business procedures. ServiceNow is renowned for its powerful workflow features and abundant service management tools.

ServiceNow offers a platform as a service (PaaS) for enterprise service management. It is used all around the world to sustain and automate the workflow and get rid of reliance on spreadsheets and email. ServiceNow doesn’t have any restrictions and provides services to all organizational departments, including infrastructure, IT, and human resources.


We provide exceptional ServiceNow training in Hyderabad at Mulemasters Training. Starting with the basics, our thorough training program covers ServiceNow principles, Forms, Lists and filters, Table and Column Administration, User and Group Configuration, and an introduction to many different modules. The management of change and service levels, the service catalog, email notifications, update sets, transform maps, import sets scripting, reports, and the service portal are all covered. 


In addition to the academic training sessions, we also give you practical experience through on-the-job training for ServiceNow. Throughout the training, our instructors will help you and direct you as well. Join our ServiceNow online training in Hyderabad today to improve your job possibilities and learn everything you need to know about ServiceNow.

What is ServiceNow used for?

Companies of small, medium, and large-scale companies and enterprises use ServiceNow to manage workflows.

ServiceNow offers management software services for Industries like:

IT Management


Manufacturing sector



Financial services

The comprehensive managed workflow that ServiceNow provides is most widely used by large-scale MNCs and companies.

Some of the well-known companies that use ServiceNow to manage their businesses are  









Morgan Stanley

Who can attend the ServiceNow Training

Any graduate who is looking for a prospering career can learn ServiceNow

IT Professionals who wants to switch their career to servicenow can learn ServiceNow

Business Analysts looking to shift their to ServiceNow can learn ServiceNow

Modes of Course - ServiceNow

ServiceNow Course Online

Welcome to the ServiceNow Online Training provided by Mulemasters, your starting point for learning the ServiceNow platform in a simple and adaptable online manner. Our online courses are made to give you in-depth knowledge and practical experience so you may succeed in ServiceNow-based IT service management.

ServiceNow Classroom Training

Join us at Mulemasters for ServiceNow classroom training, where conventional classroom instruction meets cutting-edge instruction in IT service management. Our instructor-led courses give you the knowledge and assurance to succeed in the ServiceNow industry through a collaborative and immersive learning environment.

ServiceNow Self-paced Video Training

ServiceNow Self-paced video training is intended for learners who prefer flexibility and independence in their educational endeavors. With Mulemasters’s self-paced training, you may access top-notch video lectures and course materials whenever and wherever you choose and advance at your own pace

Who Choose A Career in ServiceNow?

A career in ServiceNow is a great choice for those looking to build their technical knowledge and expertise. It’s also a fast-growing field that has many opportunities for career advancement, especially if you want to continue your studies after completing this course.

A career in ServiceNow can offer you the opportunity to work on the leading edge of technology, delve into business needs, and problem-solve with colleagues who are passionate about making a difference. 

If you have experience with ServiceNow software or consulting in general, we want to hear from you!

You will be able to make an impact on the business by automating processes and improving customer service. There is a high demand for people with ITIL knowledge and ServiceNow expertise. 

The average salary for a ServiceNow Administrator is $84,000 per year.

ServiceNow has been recognized as one of the top 100 companies to work for in 2018 by Glassdoor.

If you’re looking for a career that will challenge you, allow you to learn new things every day, and provide opportunities for advancement, then ServiceNow might be the right choice for you.

Career Opportunities in Mulesoft

Career Opportunities in ServiceNow

There are several different roles within ServiceNow. These include:

ServiceNow Administrator/Engineer

These are the people who manage and support the ServiceNow platform. They work closely with end users to help them use it effectively and efficiently. They also implement changes, upgrades, and new features as needed.

ServiceNow Developer

These are the people who create new features for ServiceNow and design its architecture. They need to have a good understanding of how the software works, as well as programming skills.

ServiceNow Analyst/Consultant

These are the people who work with clients to solve their business problems using ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Architect

These are the people who design ServiceNow solutions for clients. They need knowledge of how ServiceNow works and the ability to create solutions using its capabilities.

ServiceNow, Inc. is an American cloud-based business that assists organizations in optimizing operational workforces through task automation. The company ServiceNow, Inc. was founded in 2004 and is based in Santa Clara, California. ServiceNow, a company that specializes in IT service management, has advanced significantly to become the enterprise service management platform for businesses, connecting all organizational workforces, from customer support to human resources and security. The market share of ServiceNow is over three times greater than that of its rivals. ServiceNow has evolved into one of the top employment alternatives as a result of all these aspects.

ServiceNow jobs are frequently in high demand. With its extensive and expanding IT platform of cloud-based service offerings, ServiceNow is the market leader. For technical expertise, ServiceNow Jobs are reliable employment possibilities. There are lots of chances to develop and learn with ServiceNow Careers. From developers to architects to administrators, there are many career options. Most ServiceNow workers come from a variety of practice areas and have varied backgrounds. An employee at ServiceNow makes almost a hundred thousand dollars annually on average. Additionally, ServiceNow Jobs guarantees their workers' exposure and global growth.

Why choose us for ServiceNow Training?

Experienced Instructors

Our ServiceNow training courses are built around our knowledgeable instructors. In addition to being instructors, they are also industry professionals with years of practical expertise in IT service management. These instructors offer a lot of real-world experience and practical expertise to the classroom, ensuring that you not only comprehend the theoretical ideas but also know how to put them to use in your own workplace.

Flexible Learning Options

We provide flexible learning alternatives since we are aware that every individual has different schedules and learning preferences. We offer a structure that works for you whether you like classroom instruction, online training, or self-paced study. You can select the learning method that fits your priorities and way of life, allowing you to complete your ServiceNow training without being interrupted.

Hands-On Learning

The best way to learn, in our opinion, is by practicing. That is why we include practical learning opportunities in our training programs. You’ll have the chance to apply the knowledge you’ve learned in a professional and encouraging environment through hands-on experiments and exercises. This practical approach guarantees that you comprehend the concepts and can competently use ServiceNow solutions in real-world scenarios.

Placement Assistance

At Mulemasters, we go above and above to support your career goals. We are aware that getting trained ultimately aims to help you land a fulfilling job or advance in your current career. We provide thorough placement help services to support your smooth transition into the workforce

Competitive Pricing

Everyone should have access to high-quality training. Our ServiceNow training courses are reasonably priced, making them accessible to both people and businesses. By using content and instructors of the highest caliber, you may invest in your education without spending more money.

Comprehensive Curriculum

You will receive a well-rounded education due to our extensive curriculum, which is meticulously created to cover all aspects of ServiceNow. Our courses are designed for students of all ability levels, whether you are starting from scratch or seeking advanced knowledge. You can choose from a variety of topics, from the fundamentals of ServiceNow to more advanced modules, to customize your learning to your own career goals and interests

Testimonials of Servicenow Training in Hyderabad

I enrolled in Mulemasters's ServiceNow training as a complete beginner, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The instructors were patient and knowledgeable, guiding me through the complexities of ServiceNow with ease. Thanks to their practical approach and hands-on labs, I now feel confident in my ServiceNow skills and have even secured a job in IT service management.


As an experienced IT professional, I needed to upskill and obtain ServiceNow certification. Mulemasters's training program exceeded my expectations. The instructors were industry experts who shared their valuable insights. The course's emphasis on real-world scenarios made all the difference, and I passed my certification exam with flying colors


Mulemasters's ServiceNow training was the best investment I made in my career. The comprehensive curriculum and personalized guidance helped me gain a deep understanding of ServiceNow's capabilities. The job placement assistance was the icing on the cake—I landed my dream job as a ServiceNow developer soon after completing the course.

Priya Gowda

The flexibility of Mulemasters's online ServiceNow training allowed me to balance my job and learning. The course materials were engaging, and the self-paced format allowed me to absorb the content at my own speed. I'm grateful for the ongoing support and resources provided, making my ServiceNow journey a success.


I can't express enough how grateful I am for Mulemasters's ServiceNow training. The instructors were incredibly patient and skilled at simplifying complex concepts. The hands-on labs and real-world projects made learning enjoyable, and I now use ServiceNow to optimize processes in my organization. Highly recommended


Mulemasters's ServiceNow training not only prepared me for the certification exam but also transformed my career. The practical knowledge I gained helped me stand out in interviews, and I quickly secured a job with a prestigious IT service management company. The training was the key to my success, and I can't thank Mulemasters enough


Certifications – ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

In the IT sector, ServiceNow certifications are highly valued. You can use our training courses to be ready for ServiceNow certification examinations. We offer you the support and tools needed to pass the examinations and progress in your career.

After completing the course successfully at Brolly Academy you receive a course completion certificate which is recognized by the industry including the top MNC companies. This certification will separate you while finding a job in your crowded job market.

Benefits of ServiceNow

Ease of Use:

ServiceNow, one of the businesses that have advanced quickly over the past ten years or so, is changing how businesses function. ServiceNow’s cloud-based solutions make it possible to automate procedures for simple simplification and service delivery. Imagine not having to complete those time-consuming paper documents or lengthy emails. ServiceNow replaces these manual chores with automated workflows that are hassle-free for everyone to use inside an organization.


Improved Efficiency:

Being able to automate tasks and workflows is one of ServiceNow’s main advantages. By eliminating manual tasks, this automation frees up workers to concentrate on higher-value, more strategic duties. Further optimizing operations and minimizing errors is possible because of ServiceNow’s single platform for managing all workflows, which eliminates the need for different tools and systems.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

For managing client contacts, ServiceNow provides a variety of solutions, ranging from customer support to field service management. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees that all client interactions are efficiently managed, giving customers a satisfying experience. Businesses may manage client questions and complaints more effectively, speeding up response times and enhancing customer satisfaction, by offering a single platform for customer support.


Enhanced Collaboration:

ServiceNow is an effective tool for team collaboration that facilitates communication. It offers a centralized platform for communication, making it simpler for staff members to cooperate on projects, share information, and work together. ServiceNow encourages seamless teamwork whether you’re all in the same office or dispersed around the world.


Robust Security:

We are aware that any organization must place the highest priority on security. ServiceNow is a safe cloud-based platform that is trusted by millions of companies of all sizes throughout the globe. Access levels for various users may be established by the administrator. Depending on how the permission configuration is set up, the access is either granted or denied. ServiceNow is the safest software on the market thanks to two-factor authentication, regulatory compliance, and other features. ServiceNow’s security measures will keep your system and process secure, giving you peace of mind.


Seamless Integration:

Manual data copying from one source to another might be difficult. ServiceNow’s capabilities for seamless integration make sure that all systems’ data is handled correctly and merged into a single platform. Management is made simpler as a result. Additionally, an integrated view of data from many tools enables IT help desk service providers to make wise choices. It is simpler to analyze data, keep track of the most prevalent problems, and take action to address the most serious regularly reported ones.


Skills Developed Post ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the ServiceNow platform, including its various modules and functionalities.
  • Learn how to navigate and use ServiceNow’s user-friendly interface effectively.
  • Understand change and release management best practices to implement updates and changes smoothly.
  • Learn how to assess risks, plan, and execute changes without affecting operations.
  • Learn to design and maintain a service catalog that enhances user experience.
  • Develop skills in creating and managing service request items and workflows.
  • Learn how to manage user access, roles, and permissions effectively.
  • Gain the ability to create custom applications tailored to your organization’s unique needs.
  • Develop skills in designing forms, tables, and business rules to extend ServiceNow’s capabilities.
  • Customize the ServiceNow Service Portal to create a user-friendly self-service experience.

Our Accomplishments

1 k +
Happy Students
1 +
Video Ready Materials
1 +
Real Projects Finished

Pre-Requisites of the ServiceNow Course

Although not required, having some familiarity with HTML and JavaScript might be helpful, especially if you want to use ServiceNow's customization and scripting features frequently

It helps to be familiar with web browser navigation, bookmarking, and tab management.

It's crucial to have a solid understanding of fundamental computer concepts prior to enrolling in ServiceNow training. This involves knowledge of browsers, file management, and operating systems (such as Windows and macOS)

Frequently asked Questions

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides numerous IT service management (ITSM) and business process automation (BPA) solutions. It assists businesses in streamlining processes, automating procedures, and enhancing the delivery of services across numerous departments, including IT, HR, customer support, and more.

In a variety of industries, demand for ServiceNow specialists is rising. They can work as ServiceNow developers, consultants, analysts, architects, and other positions. The job market is booming, and certified experts frequently earn competitive salaries

For those who desire to become certified as certified implementation specialists (CIS), systems administrators (CSA),  or certified application developers (CAD), ServiceNow offers certificates for developers, architects, systems administrators, and architects.

Yes, there is a strong demand for ServiceNow developers in the job market today. The need for knowledgeable ServiceNow developers has grown dramatically as more businesses use ServiceNow as their preferred ITSM platform.

ServiceNow may be scaled to meet the demands of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), despite the fact that it is frequently associated with larger corporations. Smaller businesses can select modules from ServiceNow's selection of solutions that best suit their needs and budget.

Yes, Mulemasters is committed to helping you succeed in your job. We provide support with finding job opportunities, including resume creation, interview preparation, and putting you in touch with ServiceNow-related job openings.

Yes, Mulemasters provides in-person classroom training, online learning, and self-paced video training opportunities. You can select the format that suits your learning style and timetable. Our online courses deliver the same excellent education as our in-person classes.

Yes, of course. ServiceNow is one of the major IT platforms that is rapidly growing, opening more career opportunities for ServiceNow professionals in Hyderabad. The demand for the skill is also increasing by the day. 

  • Top companies like Capgemini, Hitachi, Accenture, Qualcomm, Affluent Global solutions and many more are hiring ServiceNow professionals.
  • The average salary for ServiceNow professionals in Hyderabad is around ₨ 6,97,121 per annum.   

ServiceNow can be easily and effectively learnt under the supervision of an expert. We at MuleMasters, have certified trainers who will train you very well in all the core concepts of ServiceNow to help you learn and master the course.

  • ServiceNow helps organizations and companies improve and speed up their workflow by easily automating the processes or work tasks. It provides multiple cloud options that can help ease the work burden of professionals to manage and integrate solutions. 
  • The ServiceNow certification cost in India is about ₨18,000. However, the cost may differ at every ServiceNow institute based on their services and facilities. 

There are a good number of openings with a high demand for ServiceNow jobs for freshers in Hyderabad with many companies willing to hire ServiceNow professionals. You can check out the available job portals like Naukri, and more for job availability.

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