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ServiceNow Training in Ameerpet

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Trainer NameMrs. Sravya K
Trainer Experience05+ Years
Next Batch Date25th JAN 2024 (8:00 AM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:45 Days
Call us at:+91 9640 539 509
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ServiceNow Training in Ameerpet Course Syllabus

Course Topics

  • ServiceNow Account Creation?
  • Introduction to Instance.
  • Basic Configurations in Instance – (UI 15, UI 16)
  • Versions In Snow, ITIL , Paas and Saas Tools Importance
  • How to get Info of Version in Current Instance and Its Latest Information Notes on the latest release.
  • User,Group and Role Creation.
  • Creation of User,Assign to a Group and Adding Roles.
  • Tables (Tables & Columns).
  • Custom Table Creations and Its Importance.
  • Out of Box Features (Incident, Problem, Change)
  • Creation of Form & Designing the Form
  • Building the Different Functionalities on the form.
  • Field and List – OverView and Importance
  • List View and Studying the Other Features on List View
  • Working on Filters with Multiple Examples
  • Incident Form all the Functionalities are explained
  • Creation of Fields & Sections.(Related-Sections)
  • What is use of Visual Task Boards
  • DashBoards and Homepages , Plugins Importance.
  • DotWalking and Using of Dot Walk in Different Scenarios
  • Impersonating the User and Delegation of User Importance.
  • List view Concepts and Dependent Choice Building.
  • Assignment Rules and Assignment LookUp Rules
  • Type of Import Set and its Importance
  • Data Lookup Rules and Creation of it.
  • Data Source – Import Data Methods
  • Transform Map – Import Data into Instance.
  • Import and Export of Files
  • SLA-(All the Three Types).
  • Service Level Agreements and Its Importance.
  • Two Types of SLA (Response , Resolution)
  • Notes on SLA , OLA & Up with Practical Example
  • UpdateSets Creation and Movements.
  • Backout Update and Remote Update set Creation.
  • Remote Instance Creation for UpdateSet
  • UpdateSet Error and their Best Practices
  • Shortcuts in ServiceNow are Explained
  • UI-Actions and Process FlowMatters.
  • WorkFlow Creations and Its Importance.
  • Survey Creation.
  • Events Creation and Its Importance.
  • Notification Creations.
  • InBound Notification
  • OutBound Notifications.
  • Reports Creations
  • . Scheduling the Reports
  • Catalog Item – Introduction
  • Catalog Item – Creation(Variables)
  • Variable Set Creation & Importance.
  • Record Producer.
  • Order Guides.
  • Importance of Dictionary and Reference Qualifier.
  • Notification Buildings (Inbound & OutBound) Information Knowledge Base and Knowledge Articles Importance & Creation. ACL (Access Control List).
  • Implementation of ACL
  • Difference Between Server-Side Scripting and Client Side Scripting. UI-Policies and UI actions , Data Policies.
  • Client Scripts(All 4 types).
  • Catalog Client Scripts and Catalog UI-Policies.
  • Business Rules(ALL) are their Importance.
  • Script Includes and How to Implement
  • g_scaratchPad and Its Importance.
  • Glide Ajax, Glide Record and Glide User
  • Gsft Methods and Get Reference importance
  • Implementation of WorkFlow and Activities
  • Schedule Jobs & Schedule Reports.
  • Importance of ALL JavaScript – API in ServiceNow Instance
  • OverView of Service Portal & Importance of All API’s.

Every Topic Expected Interview Questions
Tips to Crack the Interviews and the Expected Question are also Provided

ServiceNow Training in Ameerpet

Key Points

azure data engineer training in hyderabad

Real Time Expert Trainers

Get Trained by experienced professionals who have worked on real-world ServiceNow projects, providing you with practical insights and industry best practices.

Appian training in hyderabad

Project Scenarios Explained

Real-world situations presented to individuals  to their ability to apply knowledge and skills in solving complex problems or completing tasks within a project framework.

Azure DeVops training in hyderabad

Flexible Learning Options

We offer flexible training options, allowing you to choose between classroom-based sessions or online training, based on your preference and schedule.

Azure DevOps training in hyderabad

Industry Ready Curriculum

An industry-ready curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills to prepare individuals for immediate success in specific professional fields.

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Interactive doubt sessions

Our course is designed to be accessible to beginners, with step-by-step guidance and clear explanations to help you grasp the fundamentals of  ServiceNow development.

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Interview & Job Support

Beyond Training, Mule Masters provides career support, offering insights, guidance, and resources to help you carve a successful path in the ServiceNow domain.

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Community Driven Learning

Connect with fellow learners, instructors, and industry professionals through our dedicated community, expanding your professional network and fostering collaborations.

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Certification Help

Upon successful completion of the servicenow training in hyderabad ,  learners receive ServiceNow developer certification training enhance their professional profile and validating their skills.

servicenow training in hyderabad

Making you job ready

Mulemasters provide  problem-solving skills, ready to take on diverse job challenges with a positive attitude and adaptability.

What is ServiceNow ?


This course will help you understand the importance of service management and how it can improve customer experience. You’ll learn about the different types of services that exist in an organization and how they can be effectively managed with ServiceNow. The course also covers the essential components of a service catalog, which is a list of all the IT services that are available for customers to use.

Servicenow training in Ameerpet
servicenow training in ameerpet

Pre-Requisites of ServiceNow Course

It’s a solid understanding of fundamental computer concepts prior to enrolling in ServiceNow training in Ameerpet. This involves knowledge of browsers, file management, and operating systems (such as Windows and macOS). Although not required, having some familiarity with HTML and JavaScript might be helpful, especially if you want to use ServiceNow’s customization and scripting features frequently it helps to be familiar with web browser navigation, bookmarking, and tab management.

Who should learn ServiceNow ?


ServiceNow Training in Ameerpet

Course Outline


Understanding IT service management (ITSM)


Overview of the ServiceNow platform and its capabilities


Introduction to ITIL concepts, processes and terminology


The ITIL life cycle and how it is implemented in the ServiceNow platform


An overview of the ITIL framework and its components


How to use ServiceNow to manage your IT service management processes

Course Overview

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that offers a variety of IT service management (ITSM) and automation of business process solutions. It makes it possible for businesses to streamline and automate their customer service, HR, and other business procedures. ServiceNow is renowned for its powerful workflow features and abundant service management tools.

ServiceNow offers a platform as a service (PaaS) for enterprise service management. It is used all around the world to sustain and automate the workflow and get rid of reliance on spreadsheets and email. ServiceNow doesn’t have any restrictions and provides services to all organizational departments, including infrastructure, IT, and human resources.Mulemaster provide the best  ServiceNow Training  in Ameerpet.

servicenow training in hyderabad

ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

Modes of Training

Online Training

Video Course

Corporate Training

Placement Opportunities

ServiceNow offers excellent placement opportunities, connecting you with meaningful job placements in various industries. Your expertise in ServiceNow can lead to fulfilling roles as an administrator, developer, or consultant. With its widespread adoption, ServiceNow opens doors to diverse, rewarding careers that allow you to make a positive impact on organizations and communities.

Servicenow training in Ameerpet

Career Opportunities


ServiceNow Administrator

Become the go-to person for managing ServiceNow in your organization. You’ll handle configurations, user access, and system maintenance


Service Desk Analyst

Help users with IT issues and incidents using ServiceNow. You’ll be the problem-solving hero who ensures smooth operations


ServiceNow Developer

Create custom solutions and applications on the ServiceNow platform. You’ll be the innovator, building tools to make work more efficient


ServiceNow Consultant

Advise companies on how to best use ServiceNow to improve their processes. You’ll be the trusted expert guiding businesses to success


ServiceNow Project Manager

Lead teams in implementing and optimizing ServiceNow solutions. You’ll be in charge of making sure projects are on track and achieving goals


ServiceNow Architect

Design complex ServiceNow solutions and integrations. You’ll be the visionary creating the blueprint for a seamless and efficient workplace

Skills Developed Post ServiceNow Training


Gain in-depth knowledge of the ServiceNow platform, including its various modules and functionalities.


Learn how to navigate and use ServiceNow’s user-friendly interface effectively.


Learn how to manage user access, roles, and permissions effectively.


Understand change and release management best practices to implement updates and changes smoothly.


Learn how to assess risks, plan, and execute changes without affecting operations.


Gain the ability to create custom applications tailored to your organization’s unique needs


Learn to design and maintain a service catalog that enhances user experience.


ServiceNow primarily uses its proprietary scripting language, but integration with Python is possible through APIs and external applications.


 ServiceNow is expected to have a positive future, driven by its role in digital transformation and the expansion of its service offerings.


Develop skills in creating and managing service request items and workflows.

ServiceNow Certifications

servicenow training in hyderabad

In the IT sector,servicenow certification cost are highly valued. You can use our training courses to be ready for ServiceNow certification examinations. We offer you the support and tools needed to pass the examinations and progress in your career.

After completing the course successfully at MuleMaster you receive a course completion certificate which is recognized by the industry including the top MNC companies. This certification will separate you while finding a job in your crowded job market.

ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad


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The Servicenow training at Mulemasters in Ameerpet was a transformative experience. The in-depth coverage of modules, real-world case studies, and expert guidance from the trainers provided a robust understanding of Servicenow. Highly recommended for those seeking proficiency in IT service management.
Read More
Mulemasters' Servicenow training is highly commendable. The practical hands-on labs and detailed explanations of Servicenow concepts made the learning process enjoyable and insightful. I feel well-prepared to implement Servicenow solutions in real-world scenarios.
Read More
Enrolling in Servicenow training at Mulemasters was a valuable investment in my professional growth. The well-structured curriculum and the emphasis on practical application equipped me with the skills needed to excel in Servicenow administration and development."
Read More
The Servicenow training at Mulemasters surpassed my expectations. The trainers' deep industry knowledge and the focus on real-world applications made complex topics more accessible. This training has been instrumental in enhancing my expertise in IT service management."
Read More
Mulemasters' Ameerpet center provides exceptional Servicenow training. The hands-on experience with the Servicenow platform, coupled with insightful guidance from the trainers, has been invaluable. I now feel confident to tackle Servicenow projects in a professional setting.
Read More
I am grateful for the comprehensive Servicenow training offered by Mulemasters. The practical approach, interactive sessions, and the trainers' commitment to student success made the learning experience enriching. I would recommend Mulemasters to anyone looking to master Servicenow.

ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad


In-Demand Skills

Learning ServiceNow opens doors to a world of opportunities. With its growing popularity, your skills will be in high demand

Job Security

ServiceNow professionals are crucial for organizations. Your expertise can provide a strong sense of job security in the ever-changing job market.

Competitive Salaries

ServiceNow careers often come with competitive salaries. Your hard work and knowledge can translate into a well-paying job

Varied Roles

ServiceNow offers a range of roles, from administration to development. You can choose a path that suits your interests and strengths

Problem Solving

Working with ServiceNow means solving real-world problems. You’ll feel the satisfaction of making work processes more efficient

Career Growth

ServiceNow professionals often have room to grow within their organizations. Your career can evolve as you gain experience and expertise

Market Trend


Organizations across various industries are rapidly adopting ServiceNow to streamline and automate their business processes.


As companies focus on digital transformation, ServiceNow is at the forefront, offering  customer service, and employee workflows.


The increasing importance of IT Service Management (ITSM) has driven the demand for ServiceNow, as it provides comprehensive ITSM solutions.


ServiceNow’s flexibility in creating customized workflows , looking to optimize their operations and improve customer and employee experiences.

Why Choose Us?


Experienced Instructors

Our ServiceNow training courses are built around our knowledgeable instructors. In addition to being instructors, they are also industry professionals with years of practical expertise in IT service management. These instructors offer a lot of real-world experience and practical expertise to the classroom, ensuring that you not only comprehend the theoretical ideas but also know how to put them to use in your own workplace.


Flexible Learning Options

We provide flexible learning alternatives since we are aware that every individual has different schedules and learning preferences. We offer a structure that works for you whether you like classroom instruction, online training, or self-paced study. You can select the learning method that fits your priorities and way of life, allowing you to complete your ServiceNow training in Ameerpet without being interrupted.

Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

Hands-On Learning

The best way to learn, in our opinion, is by practicing. That is why we include practical learning opportunities in our training programs. You’ll have the chance to apply the knowledge you’ve learned in a professional and encouraging environment through hands-on experiments and exercises. This practical approach guarantees that you comprehend the concepts and can competently use ServiceNow solutions in real-world scenarios.

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Placement Assistance

At Mulemasters, we go above and above to support your career goals. We are aware that getting trained ultimately aims to help you land a fulfilling job or advance in your current career. We provide thorough placement help services to support your smooth transition into the workforce

Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

Competitive Pricing

Everyone should have access to high-quality training. Our ServiceNow training courses are reasonably priced, making them accessible to both people and businesses. By using content and instructors of the highest caliber, you may invest in your education without spending more money.

Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

Comprehensive Curriculum

You will receive a well-rounded education due to our extensive curriculum, which is meticulously created to cover all aspects of ServiceNow. Our courses are designed for students of all ability levels, whether you are starting from scratch or seeking advanced knowledge. 

Our Accomplishments

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Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad
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Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad
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Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad
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Frequently asked Questions ?

ServiceNow Is A Cloud-Based Platform That Provides Numerous IT Service Management (ITSM) And Business Process Servicenow Developer Training For Beginners Automation (BPA) Solutions. It Assists Businesses In Streamlining Processes, Automating Procedures, And Enhancing The Delivery Of Services Across Numerous Departments, Including IT, HR, Customer Support

In A Variety Of Industries, Demand For ServiceNow Specialists Is Rising. They Can Work As ServiceNow Developers, Consultants, Analysts, Architects, And Other Positions. The Job Market Is Booming, And Certified Experts Frequently Earn Competitive Salaries

For Those Who Desire To Become Certified As Certified Implementation Specialists (CIS), Systems Administrators (CSA),  Or Certified Application Developers (CAD), ServiceNow Offers Certificates For Developers, Architects, Systems Administrators, And Architects.

Yes, There Is A Strong Demand For ServiceNow Developers In The Job Market Today. The Need For Knowledgeable ServiceNow Developers Has Grown Dramatically As More Businesses Use ServiceNow As Their Preferred ITSM Platform.

ServiceNow May Be Scaled To Meet The Demands Of Small And Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs), Despite The Fact That It Is Frequently Associated With Larger Corporations. Smaller Businesses Can Select Modules From ServiceNow’s Selection Of Solutions That Best Suit Their Needs And Budget.

Yes, Mulemasters Is Committed To Helping You Succeed In Your Job. We Provide Support With Finding Job Opportunities, Including Resume Creation, Interview Preparation, And Putting You In Touch With ServiceNow-Related Job Openings. Best place to learn ServiceNow Training in Ameerpet


Yes, Mulemasters Provides In-Person Classroom Training, Online Learning, And Self-Paced Video Training Opportunities. You Can Select The Format That Suits Your Learning Style And Timetable. Our Online Courses Deliver The Same Excellent Education As Our In-Person Classes.


Yes, Of Course. ServiceNow Is One Of The Major IT Platforms That Is Rapidly Growing, Opening More Career Opportunities For ServiceNow Professionals In Hyderabad. The Demand For The Skill Is Also Increasing By The Day. 

Top Companies Like Capgemini, Hitachi, Accenture, Qualcomm, Affluent Global Solutions And Many More Are Hiring ServiceNow Professionals.

The Average Salary For ServiceNow Professionals In Hyderabad Is Around ₨ 6,97,121 Per Annum.   

ServiceNow Can Be Easily And Effectively Learnt Under The Supervision Of An Expert. We At MuleMasters, Have Certified Trainers Who Will Train You Very Well In All The Core Concepts Of ServiceNow To Help You Learn And Master The Course.

ServiceNow Helps Organizations And Companies Improve And Speed Up Their Workflow By Easily Automating The Processes Or Work Tasks. It Provides Multiple Cloud Options That Can Help Ease The Work Burden Of Professionals To Manage And Integrate Solutions. 

The ServiceNow Certification Cost In India Is About ₨18,000. However, The Cost May Differ At Every ServiceNow Institute Based On Their Services And Facilities. 

There Are A Good Number Of Openings With A High Demand For ServiceNow Jobs For Freshers In Hyderabad With Many Companies Willing To Hire ServiceNow Professionals. You Can Check Out The Available Job Portals Like Naukri, Indeed.Com And More For Job Availability.

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