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Mr. Alok kumar

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12-AUG 2022 – 7:30 AM IST

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1 Month (Monday to Friday)

Application Packaging Training Course Curriculum

  • Installation Of Install Shield And Adminstudio
  • How To Use For Install Shield Adminstudio For Packaging
  • How To Use Install Rite
  • OS Layers
  • Registries
  • Ini, inf, cfg
  • Dll, ocx, exe
  • Odbc, dsn, ,com, assembly, file extension, mime, verb, User profile
  • Win32, kernel services
  • Device drivers
Module 3: MSI TABLES
  • Classification
  • What Are Core Tables?
  • Feature Table
  • Feature Component Table
  • Condition Table
  • Directory Table
  • Publish Component Table
  • Component Table
  • Core Tables Group
  • File Tables Group
  • Registry Tables Group
  • System Tables Group
  • Locator Tables Group
  • Program Information Tables Group
  • Installation Procedure Tables Group
  • Creation Of Transforms
  • Secured Transform
  • Unsecured Transform
  • Embedded Transform
  • Installation Modes
  • Packaging Life cycle
  • Benefits of Windows Installer
  • Functions of Windows Installer
  • Summary information
  • Database of installation instructions
  • Application files or references to them
  • Transforms
  • What Active Setup
  • Why to Run And Run Once Keys
  • Self Healing
  • What Happens When There Is An Advertised Shortcut?
  • When Does An Active Setup Start?
  • Implementing Active Setup
  • Delivering Current User Data
  • Difference Between Active Setup, Run And Run-Once Keys
  • Introduction On Windows Installer
  • Logical Structure Of Windows Installer
  • Guidelines For Making Components
  • Installing Sequences
  • Upgraded And Patches
  • List of  Property Types
  • Order Of Property Precedence
  • Using Properties
  • Restrictions On Property Names
  • Initialization Of Property Values
  • Getting And Setting Properties
  • Setting Public Property Values On The Command Line
  • Clearing An Installer Property
  • Using Properties In Conditional Statements
  • Using A Directory Property In A Path
  • Structure Of Registry
  • Registry Storage Space
  • Predefined Keys
  • Registry Hives
  • Categories Of Data
  • Editing The Registry
  • Opening , Creating And Closing Keys
  • Registry Table
  • Why Is File Versioning Required
  • Default File Versioning
  • File Table
  • What Is Cab File?
  • Cabinets And Compressed Source
Module 12: SERVICES
  • What Are Services?
  • How To View Services?
  • Operation On Services
Module 13: MICROSOFT APP – V 5.0
  • Introduction To Virtualisations
  • App V Sequencing
  • Deployment Of Applicaiton
Module 14: VBSCRIPT
  • Introduction To Vbscript
  • Creation Of Install Script And Uninstall Script

Key Features Of Application Packaging Training 

Discover from Scratch to Advance the level of Professional training

100% Guaranteed Job assistance Support for Freshers & Working Professionals

Exclusive training with the availability of Lab Facility
Practical oriented and Job oriented Training

Get Support for Resume & Interviews Preparation

Live demonstration of the industry-ready skills
Industry recognized certification

Hands-on experience in Application Packaging

Best course curriculum with affordable fee

12+ years of certified expert Tutors

120+ students Trained and 75+ placed

About Application Packaging Training in Hyderabad

Application Packaging is the process of creating a meta-program that installs software automatically on multiple computer systems. Usually, a metaprogram typically includes a set of default properties for installing the applications. Application packaging is a process that companies and organizations easily use to get the software they need onto the devices of their users.

It involves creating a package of files for each type or piece of software that the company uses. Application packaging can help reduce application support and management costs by streamlining software organization and classification. Application packaging may also be performed in cloud computing, in particular at the infrastructure as a service level.

Aspirants who want to enroll in our Application Packaging Online Training program in Hyderabad will get to work towards building an extensive knowledge of tools like Repackager, InstallShield, and advanced tools like Orca. By the completion of the course, our trainees will become capable of creating an application by themselves. With complete guidance from our expert trainers, you will gain knowledge of all the advanced concepts of the Application Packaging Course.

Our certification programs for application packaging Training in Hyderabad are a great advantage for students. We issued the certificates to our students after successful completion of the course and the assessment examination. You can also participate in the real-time project program conducted by our expert trainers to get hands-on experience in the Application Packaging program.

Real-time projects are designed by our industry experts to help students get the best exposure to application packaging and its applications. If you want to build up your career in Application Packaging, you are in the right place. Learning any instrument is actually easy if you have the right mentor to train you. Application Packaging training institute is known for the best Application Packaging Training in Hyderabad.

Based on the market requirements, we provide a quality Application Packaging training course in Hyderabad. Our practical-oriented Application Packaging training will help you to get a marketable job and increase your career opportunities in Application Packaging.

We also offer 100% placement assistance and training with real-time projects to upskill your knowledge of Application Packaging, our dedicated team will guide you even after the course is completed, assisting you with mock interview preparation, resume creation, and conducting Q&A sessions for your interview purposes.

Our Application Packaging training is available in 3 modes, which include classroom Application Packaging training, online Application Packaging training, and self-paced Application Packaging video courses. All our training is conducted by the top-notch expert trainers in Hyderabad with clarity and technique. Enroll in with us for the best Application Packaging training course in Hyderabad. 

Modes of Application Packaging Training

In Class Training

Application Packaging training provides you a quality classroom training facilities in Hyderabad where you can attend our classroom training for a live interactive experience.

Live Instructor led online Sessions

Our online sessions are very interactive, with practical explanations and group decisions. You can join our Application Packaging online training sessions from anywhere in the world at your own convenience.

Application Packaging Personalized Video course

Our Application Packaging video course is highly convenient and interesting which will make your self-learning process much easier. You will be provided a complete set of classroom recordings that will be available in the video course. You can revise and learn the course at your own pace and time with no deadlines and with lifetime access.

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Why choose us for Application Packaging?

We are known as the best application packaging training institute in Hyderabad for our exclusive training method.

The training program is conducted by our top professional expert trainers with 12+ years of experience in the field of application packaging, where they will guide you to becoming a skilled professional in this application packaging program and make you a job-ready candidate.

Here are some reasons why you should enroll in our Application Packaging Training in Hyderabad.


Job Assistance

We offer the Application Packaging training program which also includes 100% job assistance programs in Hyderabad for Application Packaging. We have a dedicated placement assistance program team where they will guide our candidates 24/7 with clearing all their doubts.

This assistance program also includes mock interviews, career counseling, question and answer sessions, and resume preparation facilities to ensure our candidates are fully prepared for interviews.


Privileged Community Support.

We have a community forum for our students to further facilitate learning through senior interaction and knowledge sharing. In Application Packaging, you get the benefit of mutual support facilities.

We ensure that our previous students guide new students through the training process with their experience, and assist them in CV building and interview preparation.


Get your certificate

A compulsory course completion certificate will be issued to all our students after they successfully complete the Application Packaging training course in Hyderabad. Our certificate is 100% valid and can be used to apply for jobs in application packaging. The certificate provided by us will add more value to your resume.



All of our students will be given practical assignments after completing each course to help them gain more knowledge in application packaging and clear any doubts.

What Learner’s say about us? 

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


Application packaging training in Hyderabad offers the best training in Hyderabad. They have a great team of trainers who are helpful and cooperative. They deal with us with patience and understanding. I am currently applying for the job in Application Packaging and I am pretty confident about my skills. Thank you.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


I attended their online Application Packaging training program and it was the best decision I have taken so far. Despite the classes being online, the trainers explained the topics so well. They paid attention to every single student in my batch. The best part about the trainers is that they help you with all your doubts and they are so friendly. 

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


I was looking for the best institute to pursue Courses in Hyderabad and heard about the Application Packaging training Institute. I joined their free demo session on the Application Packaging Course instruction, and it was the top decision ever. The trainers were encouraging from the start to the end and always encouraged us to give our best.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


I am very much thankful to the facility of the Academy for guiding me and preparing me for my interviews with the best Application Packaging Course training in Hyderabad. Thank the entire team for giving me the best learning experience.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


The training was good and I enjoyed how the trainers used real-life case studies and examples to teach us. It really helped me a lot. Thank you Application Packaging Training in Hyderabad.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


A big thanks to the trainers at the Application Packaging training institute. They explained the concepts so well that despite me being a slow learner, I was easily able to understand and grasp the topics very well. They helped me every time I reached out to them and cleared all my doubts.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


The training syllabus was very subjective and easy to understand with up-to-date market content of Application Packaging. The tutor delivered every point of the course. The curriculum is well organized and the team is also cooperative with the students in arranging classes for topics that are missed. Their placement assistance program is very impressive which helped me to clear my interview

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


I highly recommend this institute for Application Packaging Training in Hyderabad for those who are looking for a better institute to learn this course. I have mastered the basics of Application Packaging and its concept very easily. They have provided all the course essentials and the complete knowledge which is required to work with Application Packaging.

MulSoft Training in Hyderabad


The course fee is very affordable. Overall a good learning experience in Hyderabad for Application Packaging training. I am so thankful to the entire team of the Application Packaging training institute in Hyderabad.

Certification in Application Packaging Training in Hyderabad

Our Application Packaging Training certification is the most effective certification training conducted by our expert trainers in real-time in Hyderabad. Our certification is recognized by leading companies worldwide and doubles the value of your CV. With the help of our certificate, you can apply for a management position. You will receive this certificate only after successfully completing the training.

We provide developer and architect level certifications. 

Our Accomplishment


Students Placed


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Batches Completed


Students Trained

You will gain knowledge in the following areas after completing this Application Packaging course:

  • Learn about application packaging and repackaging.
  • Understanding of the software requirements
  • Get skilled at client application and pre-validation analysis.
  • Understanding the basic definition of the application packaging domain and its key terminology
  • Hands-on testing, application exposure, and many more…

Prerequisites to Learn Application Packaging

  • knowledge of Windows registry, MSI packages, and dynamic link libraries.
  • Familiarity with Windows Operating System

Job Possibilities in Application Packaging

Application Packaging Engineer

Application Packaging Analyst

Application Packaging Administrator

Application Packaging Support Engineer

Application Packaging Tech Support Practitioner

Application Packaging Consultant

Lead Application Packaging

Application Packaging Software Engineer

Application Packaging Technology Platform Engineer

application packaging Training in Hyderabad job options

Benefits of Learning this Application Packaging Training Program

Job opportunities around the world with several job roles.

Reducing security risk.

100% guarantee in placement.

High salary package.

Easier application management.

Productively running application records and reporting.

Certify a stable, standard environment for your company.


1. What Is the scope of the Application Packaging training certification?
  • Career growth in Application Packaging seems to increase day by day. Getting Application Packaging Certified can help you to get started with your career in this profitable field.
2. Does the Application Packaging Online training come with a certificate?
  • Yes, all our students will receive a course completion certificate after successfully completing the Application Packaging training program. 
3. What if I have more questions regarding Application Packaging Training?
  • If you have more queries about Application Packaging, you can always get in touch with our experts during class hours or after the session is completed. 
4. What are the prerequisites for attending the Application Packaging Online training course?
  • Basic knowledge of Windows registries, MSI packages, and dynamic link libraries. and Familiarity with Windows Operating System is advisable to learn before you Enroll in the Application Packaging training. This course has no prerequisites and anyone can enroll in this Application Packaging Training course in Hyderabad.
5. How much will it cost me for the Application Packaging Course?
  • You can contact us on the contact details provided by us to find out about the complete course fee structure.
6. What is the procedure for enrolling for this Application Packaging course?
  • You can reach out to us by our contact details provided on our website or you can call our support team and book a demo session conducted by our expert Application Packaging trainer and enroll in the course at your wish. 
7. Will I get guidance after the compilation of this course?
  • Of course, you will be provided proper guidance from our dedicated team even after the completion of the course for interview preparation, Resume making, etc. This facility is available for all our students who have successfully completed the Application Packaging certification program from our Training Institute.
8. Who can learn the Application Packaging course?
  • Anyone interested in learning Application Packaging can ideally enroll in this certification course.
9. Who will be my trainer in the Application Packaging course?
  • At Application Packaging Training in Hyderabad, we have professional Application Packaging expert trainers with real-time 12+ years of industry experience who will guide you throughout the training period. 
10. How much salary will I get after the compilation of this course?
  • You will get an average salary range in India starting from 2.5 to 10.8 LPA for the job roles in Application Packaging. 
11. What is the role of application packaging?
  • Application packaging is a process that companies and organizations easily use to get the software they need onto the devices of their users. It involves creating a package of files for each type or piece of software that the company uses.

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